FKT: Anna Snyder - Logan Trail (OH) - 2021-05-25

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4h 19m 14s
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This was my first ever FKT attempt (on any course). Since there was no female time, I knew all I had to do was finish. But, it's Tar Hollow, so staying on course is also a challenge. I've run the north loop a handful of times, but the south loop only once - and in the other direction. I went about .25 off track on the south loop. It was 63 degrees and 87% humidity when I started at 6:15am. It was about 85 degrees when I finished. I carried more water than normal, it felt heavy at the beginning, but I'm grateful I had it all. Definitely overgrown trails, and more trees down than my last trip through - I underestimated how much those slow things down. My goal had been 4 hours, but between the heat/humidity, getting off track/needing to take it slow to check the route on my phone, it didn't obviously happen. I wouldn't recommend attempting this until winter due to the overgrowth. But, I had a blast. I can't wait to see more women get out there and attempt FKTs!