FKT: Annie Weiss - Ice Age Trail (WI) - 2018-09-30

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21d 18h 7m 0s

Annie had a SPOT tracker and posted daily on her blog & Instagram.

Annie made an attempt on the full IAT in May 2017, but had to stop after 405 miles in 8 days due to infection.  Her trip is supported, going from west to east.  A nice video explaining her approach is here:

"People seem excited for this, and I have to do it!" - Annie Weiss

DAY 1 (9/8):  45 miles, "The trails were perfect, and the roads were long. One step at a time; one day at a time."

DAY 2 (9/9): 50 miles (95 total); "slow, long, and tough miles."

DAY 3 (9/10): 50 miles (145 total). "Last year day 3 broke me. This year...I broke it!!"

DAY 4 (9/11): 50 miles (195 total). "I can’t be more grateful to those helping me on trail and behind the scenes including IAT volunteers."

DAY 5 (9/12): 258 of 1200 miles completed. "Today was really tough, BUT with a few ups and downs (even a couple tears), the day ended on a high note."

DAY 6 (9/13): 38 miles (296 total). Annie's report today is titled "Climbing the Wall". 'Nuff said.

DAY 7 (9/14): 40 miles (336 total). "I feel exhausted to be honest, but then I think about how I’m officially ahead of last year's Day 7 and just wow."

DAY 8 (9/15): 40 miles (376 total). "I think I’ve hit the point where my body and mind accept the demands of each day on this adventure. It’s not easy; it’s just a level of acceptance."

DAY 9 (9/16): 45 miles (421 total). "...right on track for my goal of ~21 days. ...I’m sun burnt, full of bug bites, and scratched up from my waist down...I’ll take it!!!"

DAY 10 (9/17): 463 of 1138 miles "Today was really tough. It was mostly road miles, ridiculously hot, and pterodactyl size mosquitos bit at me constantly."

DAY 11 (9/18): 48 miles....42 road + 6 trail (511 total). "My body hurts in so many ways...just taking it one day at a time and right on track."

DAY 12 (9/19): 53 miles (564 total). "We covered 18 sections of road and trail today. Honestly, it was some of the best trail I’ve ever ran."

DAY 13 (9/20): 55 miles (619 total). "Mornings are the hardest right now for me - I don’t sleep well and just want to rest any chance I get."

DAY 14 (9/21): 50 miles (669 total).  "I’m under 450 miles to go... One week to go! Or less"

DAY 15 (9/22): 51 miles (720 of 1138 total). "We crushed it today."

DAY 16 (9/23): 50 miles and less than 350 to go. "It’s all downhill from here and I can’t wait for the end of the week - it can’t come soon enough!"

DAY 17 (9/24): 298 miles to go. "Today was a pivotal day; tomorrow too. @brian_runs_wi knows when I have to finish to break the men’s record (it’s a secret to me!) and these couple days need to be spot on."

DAY 18 (9/25): 57 miles."We had heat in the prairies and torrential rain for a bit in the evening. Today was tough and it’s late so I’m going to spend my time recovering."

DAY 19 (9/26): 190 miles to go. "I didn’t get as far as I would have liked but it feels really good to see the number 1 at the beginning of my miles left."

DAY 20 (9/27): less than 150 miles to go. "Tornado damage held me up today. Tonight I recover and reset to zero miles, and tomorrow starts a 150 mile race to finish and break the overall record [of 22d6h]."

Day 21 (9/28):  Less than 80 miles to go! "I anticipate her going through the night tonight, although that’s a long way from now. She’s beaten up."

9/29:  Kewaunee around 4:00pm, about 38 miles to go!

9/30:  12:48am:  She did it!  Annie has set a new FKT of less than 22 days.  We don't know her exact start time on 9/8, but probably before 7am, so let's say 21d18h until we have more details.

Day 22 (9/30): " 21 days, 18 hours and 7 minutes. That breaks the women’s record by 14 days and men’s record by 11 hrs and 53 minutes. Phew. Done."

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