FKT: Anthony Faye - Tam to Diablo (CA) - 2021-05-22

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14h 15m 4s

Incredible day! Started by touching the water, running up Steep Revine Trail to Mount Tam. Epic sunrise and fog coverage. Dropping down into Larkspur and over to Point Richmond. It got a little hot through Wildcat Canyon but up at the top of the ridge we got a nice breeze. Hit a bit of a low moment coming out of Bear Creek but the aid really picked me up. Was able to smash through the Briones rollers and through Walnut Creek. Once I realized the FKT was in reach, we put a solid charge up the mountain. I started cramping at Mile 60 so bad that I had to lay down. Once I got back up, the legs came back and I took off in an all out run to the top. Pushed a little too hard and started throwing up on the way to tap the door! 

Overall, an amazing day, route and experience!