FKT: Anton Krupicka - Capitol Peak (CO) - 2012-09-09

Route variation
round trip
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Finish date
Total time
3h 38m 22s

Peter suggested I post some of the CO 14er times that I ran last summer (2012) so as to at least get some place-holder standards out there in this centralized forum. For most of my training runs on these mountains I don't keep track of the car-to-car time as I'll almost always stop my watch and take an extended break on the summit. There were some where that was not the case, though, and Capitol was one of them. This was my first (and only) ascent of this mountain, but being such an iconic peak I was interested in my roundtrip time, so kept the watch going that day and paused only briefly on the summit, less than a minute. 

I think this was a strong effort all-around, but I was definitely moving slowly for the first hour or so as my legs were tired from my traverse of the Maroon Bells the day before and it took a while for things to start flowing. 

From Capitol Creek TH,
Creek Crossing - 30:30
Capitol Lake - 1:08
Daly Pass - 1:22:50
K2 - 1:49:20
Capitol Summit - 2:08:40
K2 - 2:26
Daly Pass - 2:47:50
Capitol Lake - 2:53:30
Creek Crossing - 3:16:20
Trailhead - 3:38:22