FKT: Anton Krupicka - Capitol-Snowmass (CO) - 2013-07-03

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6h 58m 11s

I did the Capitol-Snowmass link-up from the Snowmass Ranch TH yesterday (7/3/2013) in 6:58:11. My full report is on the Ultimate Direction Blog:

My route was a bit different from Eric's in that after descending the Wandering Dutchman couloir I went across the Pierre Lakes Basin to the lowest point in the SnowCap ridge (~12,900'), crossed to the west side of the ridge, and then ascended Snowmass' west ridge before descending to Snowmass Lake and running the ~8mi of trail back out to the TH. 

Snowmass Creek crossing - 15:30
Left the West Snowmass Creek trail - 44:00
Crossed to the east side of W. Snowmass Creek - 1:09
Moon Lake - 1:38
K2 - 2:27
Capitol summit - 2:49:25
Left Capitol - 2:52:30
K2 - 3:13
Wandering Dutchman couloir - 3:23
Crossed SnowCap ridge - 4:12
Avalanche/Siberia divide - 4:21
Base of Snowmass W. ridge - 4:43
Snowmass summit - 5:10:40
Left Snowmass - 5:12
Snowmass Lake - 5:46
Joined main trail (1975-Snowmass-Maroon trail) - 5:55
W. Snowmass Crk trail jnct - 6:47:30
Snowmass Ranch TH - 6:58:11

Most of my time on the summit of Capitol was spent wondering if I should try dropping SW off the summit via the ridge to get on the west side of the SnowCap ridge (instead of going all the way back to the Wandering Dutchman couloir). I wasn't feeling very bold, so I obviously turned around and in retrospect am really glad I did.