FKT: Ariel Laguilles - Camino Ignaciano (Spain) - 2019-06-04

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8d 12h 45m 0s

Day 1 (5/27):  "Day 1: Loyola to Araia, 37 miles, ~6100 ft up, ~4300 ft down.  Today I planned for shorter mileage with an option to bank more at the end of the day if it was early enough and if I was feeling it. It was early enough, but I wasn’t feeling it."

Day 2 (5/28):  "Day 2: 51 miles, 6,547 ft. up, 6,648 ft. down" (88 miles total)

Day 3 (5/29):  "Day 3. 56 miles. Navarrete to Alfaro. 2,334 ft up, 2,827ft down. With the Basque mountains entirely behind, today began a long journey through La Rioja. Although the route was flat, it was much warmer, and my legs are feeling the mileage from the last couple of days. I took a few wrong turns due to poor or scarcely marked sections, but eventually found my way and got into a good rhythm to keep myself moving forward."  (144 miles total)

Day 4 (5/30):  "Day 4, Alfaro to Alagón, 52 miles. *on schedule*" (196 miles total)

Day 5 (5/31):  "Day 5, 38 miles. Alagón to Fuentes de Ebro. (235 miles total). Today’s plan was to run less mileage to rest more this afternoon, since my body is getting beat up from all the mileage and warmer weather."

Day 6 (6/1):  "Day 6. 57 miles, Fuentes de Ebro to Fraga. 292 total miles. Suffer City, population: me"

Day 7 (6/2):  "Day 7. 19 miles. Fraga to Lleida. 312.2 total miles. After a 14 hour day yesterday through the Monegros Desert (?: @agus.oulton ), covering about 57 miles with a swollen ankle, I departed around 6:30am to carry on with the day’s journey. As the party-goers left the bars in Fraga, I marched up and out of the city, eventually able to trot, then jog along the asphalt path. The 11 miles I ran/walked to the first meeting point was one of the more painful ones of the week. Auggie and Diran taped me up and I was able to continue on the next 8 miles to Lleida, run/walking, but still feeling the ankle throb. As I arrived to Lleida, I was glad to see @mkmcinnis who has arrived for a little vacation time (but in the meantime will be joining the team, crewing me for the next couple of days.) We all decided it would be best to take the rest of the day off, and adjust the schedule so that I arrive in Manresa by Tuesday afternoon."

Day 8 (6/3):  "52.5 miles (Lleida to Panadella) today and tomorrow about 46 miles remain of the #caminoignaciano !
The ankle held up for the most part of the day but the constant climbing after lunch took a lot out of my legs."

Day 9 (6/4):  "After 8 days 12 hours and 45 minutes, I am happy to say I’ve run the entire 408 mile-long @ignacianocamino . Today I ran 45 miles from Panadella to Manresa, where St. Ignatius spent a year developing the Spiritual Exercises. Thanks to everyone for supporting me on this journey, especially @diranh2o@agus.oulton and @mkmcinnis ! #FKT#caminoignaciano

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