FKT: Arla Casselman - Hills to Sea Trail (ME) - 2022-04-22

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14h 33m 13s

Weather was great but the trail was still very wet which is expected in the spring.  Probably would be better if the trail conditions were dried out a bit, I think end of summer/early fall would be a perfect time to run this route.  A lot of marshy muddy sections that were pretty slow.  A mix of runnable terrain but also slow rocky/root sections.  Very well marked and not a lot of traffic.  Really cool to be able to travel all the way to Belfast from Unity on trails! 

This is an alternate route because the Hogback Mtn Trail is closed and has been for some time.  Because it is private land I had to re-route on the paved roads.  I took Halldale Rd towards Randlett Rd.  Right onto Randlett Rd. then right on 220 which takes you back to the trail to start the ascent up Frye Mtn.  This was the only re-route option that made sense.  

I had friends support me along the way to carry food and water which was super helpful.  There are lots of parking lots and points of access along the way so very easy to resupply.