FKT: Art Byram - North South Trail (RI) - 2021-04-18

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22h 45m 51s
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Ran the North South Trail from the state line of MA/RI down through the state, dipping into CT.  I carried my own food, filtered my own water, Be Free .6 liter and 3 liter, navigated with Fenix 6X Pro (Thanks Jimmy Mac and Lee Stuart Evans for the GPX) and had no face to face contact except for rando trail folks, ents, and Townsfolk, and a few runners towards the end, that simply passed the opposite direction with an unknowing nod and friendly wave.  Water was plentiful as the trail had snow in the beginning  This was basically an adventure jog, and I am fortunate in my timing to be able to make the FKT list, before others who I know have their eyes on this take 10 hours or more off. But I would have run this anyway ever since seeing the route as it is a great counterpart to the NET CT Portion only (CUT112).   The Strava Account was written the same day and captures my true feelings about the experience.