FKT: Ashley Doty - Tour of Torridon - 2022-10-20

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Standard route
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5h 19m 6s

I started this route with a lot of excitement since the entire area surrounding Torridon is stunningly beautiful, and every aspect of the trails are non-stop fun. I made a deliberate effort to take the route on Beinn Alligin that required the most scrambling on the high ridge traverses to make it more of a challenge. I did a lot of stopping and staring atop the "Jeweled Mountain" since the clouds seemed to part just in time for the summits; this also allowed me to gaze out across the other mountains to scope out where to run next. 

The off-trail ascent up to Liathach was extremely fun and steep. Certainly steep enough that a fall could hurt a bit. I would recommend no trekking poles, since having both arms to use seemed 100% necessary. Furthermore, poles would be more of a hindrance on the scrambling. 

I had only 1 17oz water bottle which I refilled once on the bridge crossing after Beinn Alligin. I consumed 2 snickers as well. Weather was typical for October with temperatures averaging in the mid 40's, gusty, cloudy, and intermittent light rain. Perfect in my opinion.

On the return run on the pavement, I was tempted to stop at an amazing cafe called The Wee Whistle Stop, but managed to pass by until a return trip in the afternoon. I wasn't really trying to make up a lot of time on this flat portion. 

This route can have some serious time taken off if mesmerized stand stills are limited and cloud cover doesn't roll in preventing one from following the correct path.