FKT: Ashley Youland - Mad River Notch Loop (NH) - 2022-06-22

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4h 41m 5s
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I started the day at the Mt Osceola trailhead sign at 6:41am and then proceeded to run down Tripoli Road to the Tecumseh Trailhead. Lots of humidity this morning made the climb up that trail feel a bit more difficult, but I made decent time arriving at the Tecumseh summit at 7:52am.

It was quick descending from there to the ski area, taking the Pipeline Trail back over to Tripoli Road, continuing on to Livermore Road, and then connecting to Greely Ponds Trail. 

I was making pretty good time, still, until it was time to ascend the Osceolas. Ascending from the Greeley Ponds side is my least favorite thing, but it had to be done. I reached the East Osceola summit at 10:15am. 

The weather had decided to turn and it became socked in, windy, and chilly. I put on a dry shirt and headed to Osceola. I reached the Osceola summit at 10:37am. 

There were many people ascending up the Mt. Osceola trail, now, making it a bit annoying to descend. Nevertheless, I eventually made it back to my starting point at the Mt. Osceola trailhead sign in the parking lot at 11:22am.

I really enjoyed this route. I needed the Osceolas and Tecumseh for my NH 48 grid this month and wanted to spice it up. Lots of meat left on the bones for time here. I think this route would be super enjoyable especially in the fall!