FKT: Ashley Youland - Owl's Head (NH) - 2021-09-26

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4h 45m 31s
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With low clouds in the forecast and maybe some sunshine in the afternoon, I decided it would be an Owl's Head day. I figured why not take a shot at the FKT, just for fun! My goal was to complete this in 5 hours, so to go under that time felt awesome!

It was a quiet journey to the Owl. I saw only a handful of people until I reached the slide. Water crossings were still fairly high from the days previous rain, but I didn't mind carefully walking through them. Of course, the mud was horrendous. This late summer and early fall has been more like spring in the Whites. Luckily, the slide had dried out well. It was a game of people dodging going up and down. I passed probably 25 people in this area. Once back down off the slide, it was smooth sailing back to Lincoln Woods. The sun decided to fully come out and it made for a beautiful journey back with the early foliage starting to pop. 

There is still a lot on the table for this FKT. With drier trails and lower water crossings it could easily be done quicker. Overall it was a splendid trip to the Owl!