FKT: Aubri Drake - Cohos Trail (NH) - 2021-10-08

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I started out from the NH/Canadian border at 7:15am on Saturday October 2nd, hiked up to the 4th Connecticut Lake, did the loop trail, and then started south. I took the standard Dry River Route through the Presidentials, topping out just shy of Eisenhower. I arrived at the Davis Path trailhead at 5:15pm on Friday October 8th. I resupplied at Young's Store in Pittsburg, the Lincoln deli and gas station, and the Bretton Woods deli and gas station. It rained for the first 4 days and my feet were perpetually wet from the soggy trails, but it dried out the last few days and the sunshine was very much welcome. Water was never a problem, though I had to be mindful on the Kilkenny Ridge and from Dry River down to Davis Path trailhead. This was a moderate effort endeavor for me, more focusing on the hike and experience than the speed. I expect I could easily cut a few days off my time if the weather were better and I was more focused on speed.