FKT: Aubri Drake - Mahoosuc Traverse (ME, NH) - 2020-06-20

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15h 4m 0s
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I started out from the Appalachian Trail parking area at 4:40am and made it to the summit of Old Speck by 6:20am. I made it to Speck Pond by 7am and filtered up more water. I summited Mahoosuc Arm and then descended into Mahoosuc Notch. I started into the Notch at 8:15am and made it out by 9:05am, cutting off 25 minutes from the first time I hiked through the Notch when I was hiking the AT. I went over South Peak and arrived at Full Goose shelter at 10am and went down the short side trail to refill my water again. I hiked over North Peak and Goose Eye, arriving at Goose Eye summit at 11:15am. I wanted to linger, but the bugs were even worse at the summits than in other areas, so I pressed on after reapply bug lotion. I knew I was getting a little bit of a sunburn on my arms, but there was only so much lotion my skin could absorb and bugs were a more present concern. 

I went over Mt Carlos and past Carlos Col, up Mt Success, and made it to the NH/ME border by 12:25pm. I passed by Gentian Lake and stopped at Dream Lake to refill my water at 3:45pm, where I figured out that my new phone had automatically turned on battery saver, blocking my GPS tracking. Between the ME/NH border and Dream Lake, I encountered a few brief rain showers; I also heard thunder in the distance between noon and 5pm, though no storms went directly overhead. I went over Wocket Ledge, past Page Pond, over Trident Col, and arrived at the summit of Cascade Mountain around 5:30pm. 

I pushed onward and made it to the summit of Hayes by 6:30pm. I then flew down the ~2,000′ of elevation loss, stopping once to refill my water, pursued by hordes of mosquitoes, to get to the old railroad bridge over the Androscoggin River by 7:40pm, exactly 15 hours after starting. I first went across the bridge on the ATV  path and was unable to get down to the road and trailhead. So I went back across the bridge, found a herdpath to under the bridge, and found the hiker bridge that is nested directly underneath the ATV bridge, and that lead me to the hiker trailhead!