FKT: Austin Freking - Yosemite Rim Linkup - 2023-11-04

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Standard route
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8h 57m 14s

Left BOF at 7:52 with nothing but a bag of Yosemite packing sour gummy watermelon rings, a clif bar, a stroopwafel, a filter flask full of water, a flask full of electrolyte drink, and a dream. Smooth sailing from BOD to the Valley, minus no filterable water close by on UYV trail. Filtered at Cascade Creek before then. 

Cached items in Swan Slab bear box came in handy as I drank my Starry beverage, a flask of powerade, and swapped my sour gummy watermelon rings for the more palatable regular gummy worms of the same manufacturer while chatting with some climbers. 

Had a bit of difficulty crossing the path across Yosemite's concrete jungle, as it took what seemed to me, a not obvious line. Hiked up 4 mile for what felt like an eternity, broken only by an unnamed spring which gave me the coldest freshest water the whole run, to be greeted by turned-off water at Glacier Point. As I gently wept to myself while I came to terms with the bonkiness that was bound to follow, I trudged onward up the last big uphill slog. Went without water until Bridalveil Creek, tried to filter Sentinel Creek but the water was mega grody and tasted not quite right. Around marathon distance the bonk started to make its home. I continued hiking the uphill and running the downhills but inevitably it got the better of me around mile 30.

My inadequate planning on logistics had finally come to rear it's ugly head. The lack of water and the poor quality (but great tasting) nutrition caused my guts to start acting up to the point where running induced a puke-or-poop sensation. I ended up hiking a good deal of this while coddling dry electrolyte mix. Once I got water at Bridalveil it was too late. The stomach issues were here to stay. 

Fortunately I was able to hike quickly and found myself feeling better to jog the last mile and a half. Would like to come back with more prep, resources, and knowledge and really put down an actual respectable time. Lots of respect to the FKT route creators, this is a challenging route worth doing, absolutely tested from start to finish.