FKT: Baine Breaux - Raccoon Creek State Park Loop (PA) - 2022-06-28

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3h 29m 29s
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The creator graced me with an alignment of work schedule, cool front (<80F), rested legs, rainfall (dry for 4 Days), trail maintenance (storm debris removed)  to enable this outcome after work on a Tuesday!  I am thankful if I get to enjoy holding FKT for a bit before a real screamer blows my time out of the water.  That's a challenge for someone to take the record this Fall!

I will recognize up front that my GPS track is reporting 19.2 miles whereas the only other report weighed in at 19.7 miles.  That is a nontrivial delta, but I am certain that I covered the complete loop, starting and ending at the forest trail intersection with HWY 18 and double crossing the road and trail entrances at both ends of the run to ensure a complete loop.  After review there are no hairpins that I could identify that would have shortened the loop.  Perhaps the previous time also includes some distance up and down the road to/from a parking spot?  I hope this time is allowed to stand, I am confident that I completed the entire Raccoon Creek Loop in just shy of 3:30..