FKT: Barrett Gray - Steven's Pass to Snoqualmie Pass (WA) - 2023-09-10

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16h 14m 44s
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I started at Stevens pass at 4:42 am and ended at Snoqualmie pass at 8:56 pm, so I had a little more running in the dark in the beginning which I think was the way to do it rather than at the end of the day when I was tired and the trail was more technical. This has been a bucket list run ever since I backpacked the route 2 years ago. Running it in one go was definitely different but it was fun to experience the trail in a new way! It was pretty hot for a September day, getting into the mid-70s and very sunny and the afternoon sun started to get to me. Felt great during the first half but the second half is definitely more difficult - more open so I felt the sun more, more technical, and longer climbs. There are also less water sources and I ran out of water on the climb up from Waptus Lake and at the end (I refilled when I finally passed a stream with only 2.5 miles left because I felt so dehyrdated). I was trying to drink lots of water when I did pass water sources and using electrolytes, but my mouth still felt dry for most of the second half of the day which made chewing solid food very difficult. Fortunately I still had quite a few gels left at this point, but realized I should've brought more and had to ration what I had left. But my legs felt pretty solid and overall I was really happy with how this went! First run over 50 miles and first time spending all day solo out in the mountains. There was something magical about experiencing sunrise and sunset out on the trail in the same day and covering so much distance in a beautiful place that has become very special to me.