FKT: Barry Howe - Hundred Mile Wilderness (ME) - 2021-09-14

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I completed a successful supported FKT, starting a 5:45am on 9/13/21 from route 15 and finishing at 10:51 on 10/14/21 at Abol bridge. My time was 29 hours and 6 minutes, a mere 12 minutes less than the previous overall FKT. My GPS watch malfunctioned but I have my Garmin spot tracker file and time stamped pictures at the beginning and end of the run. Thank you to the previous FKT holders on this route, especially Rob and Finn. I read your trip reports and studied your splits repeatedly. You were both a big inspiration for me. 

Here is my own detailed trip report 

And here is the link to my spot tracker data.


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Great work, Barry! Wicked inspiring. I'm planning on going back out late next summer (September 2022) to give it another attempt. Love that this route is gaining popularity. I truly believe sub 24 hours is possible. Let's keep bringing it down! - Finn