FKT: Bart Vandewoestyne - Stoumont ExtraTrail Black Route (Belgium) - 2020-06-20

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 21m 26s

Since there was no Unsupported Fastest Known Time (FKT) declared for the black ExtraTrail route in Stoumont, I decided to give it a go today.  My goal was to end below 3 hours, but that turned out wishful thinking: I was able to keep up the 3 hour pace until somewhere halfway, but then started slowing down due to fatigue and heat, resulting in a positive split of 21 minutes.

To save on weight, I only carried two 500 ml softflasks and a handful of powerbars and two gels with me in my trail backpack.  Using my MSR TrailShot pocket-sized water filter, I refilled both my softflasks from a natural source after about 17,80 km.  In total, I consumed 2 liters of water, 2 gels and probably 1 small powerbar.

A Big Thanks goes to my brother who took off some 3 hours ahead of me to walk the trail and take some pictures when I caught up with him :-)