FKT: Bastien-Olivier Hammond - Montreal Circumnavigation (QC, Canada) - 2023-08-30

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16h 41m 21s

I started at 07:30 on the 29th at the intersection Wellington and La Salle. Went clockwise around following the route Mathieu Blanchard did in 2020. As you can see in my strava and gpx, I was a little too excited to get started and I didn't realize that my watch didn't acquire the gps to start following me.


Goal was to do the whole route unsupported. I pushed a baby stroller with all my water and all my food for the whole route. It was pretty humid and I ran out of water so I needed to use a couple public tap waters in parks. I also ran low on sodium and food. The pavement kicked my butt and my knee stopped working 28km from the end. 

Complications during the run. Pushing a stroller for so long messed up my normal running posture and I had to change hands often from sore wrists. The stroller could not go straight without my help so I had to always keep a hand on it and give it input. This was a pretty hard challenge!


P.S. I attached 2 files here because I realized that the gps didn't link the whole run because of that satellite issue. Halfway home I walked back to where it didn't register and ran the last portion to close it up. Hopefully this works. Technically the time should still be good of 16:41:21 but just in case I decided to go to the point where it started. Cheers