FKT: Beau Miles - Australian Alps Walking Track (NSW) - 2011-03-17

Gender category
Route variation
Standard route
Start date
Finish date
Total time
13d 11h

On Thursday 17th March 2011 Beau Miles completed the AAWT in 14 days [apparently 13d11h], jogging into Walhalla (North-south route) after leaving Tharwa on Friday morning of March 4. Beau Roman-ran the track, with support at roughly 50k intervals from Brother-in-law Charlie Showers and Cameraman (film producer) Brett Campbell. Helping on the journey in the later stages was Leslie Shooter (Physiologist) and Beau's family. Beau completed the journey with no GPS help and averaged between 65 and 40km's daily.  Miles made a film, "Trails of Miles", about the trip.