FKT: Becky Grebosky - PCT: Bridge of the Gods - Timberline Lodge (OR) - 2021-08-14

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15h 49m 48s

Amazing day out there on the PCT. Started at 4:40am (Aug 14,2021) from Timberline Lodge and spent the first hour or so in the dark. Then I got to watch Mt Hood pop out of a hazy sunrise in all its glory. The smoky haze kept the temps in check and luckily it was mild enough that I didn’t smell the smoke. Anyway, the first Sandy River crossing was a little sketchy on a log/boulder combo and I ended up losing the trail for a bit on the other side. Miles 21-30 were covered with soul-sucking downed trees making for a serious low point. I brought 2 liters of water and filtered 3 times; prob not enough water in my body. I really fizzled out on the last 6 (steady downhill) miles and in retrospect I figured out I only took in about 1300 calories all day, def. not enough. I have a heightened appreciation for aid stations and going this distance unsupported brings about many other challenges. Great day out there but def wished I had finished a good hour faster.