FKT: Bella Franz - High Line Canal Trail (CO) - 2020-06-06

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12h 26m 29s
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Got caught in a hail storm 6.5 miles from the finish, and waited it out in a gas station for ~30min. Was really ready to throw in the towel as I was 63 miles into the day and 11 hours in of running, and legs were struggling to walk. Wind calmed down and hail turned to rain and shuffled to the finish to make it 12 hours. Support was my best friend on a bike- thank you Nora Weather for feeding, hydrating and emotionally supporting me that whole way!

From Strava:

First, thank you Nora for riding the ENTIRE thing with me very slow on her road bike and feeding me the entire time while being a GREAT sport. Thank you Sean you are the real KWEEN! for driving to each marker and taking me back to my car. Thank you, Nolan for running the first 15 miles with me on your birthday, the day before a big exam, and for waking up at 3am. Thank you, Zack for also getting up with me and supporting me leading up to and after this big day.
Race got cancelled and decided to do this with two of my teammates who ran much faster than me. But hey I still got the women’s FKT! 2nd FKT for the win! Easily the most pain I have felt running, got caught in an epic storm 6 miles from the finish, and was ready to throw in the towel after already running 63 miles, with the help of Nora and Sean I convinced myself to shuffle to the finish. Extremely grateful for friends and a body to do this. I’d like to say all thanks to the one and only Father for giving me this amazing body and MIND to do such a thing.
PSA would not recommend this trail start to finish to a friend. More highway crossings I’ve ever come across on a bike path probably in a lifetime, lots of detours, and lots of opportunity to get lost. Trail is technically 66 miles start to finish but a few wrong turns led to 68.5