FKT: Ben Brown - Burke-Gilman Trail (WA) - 2023-04-02

Route variation
Golden Gardens Park to Blyth Park (or reverse)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 55m 18s
GPS track(s)

I’m happy with my effort out there! It required gritty running from start to finish with cold temps (37 degrees), drizzle, and headwinds most of the way. 

I started off running into an 8 mph headwind that persisted for about 10 miles. Wind gusts let up for the middle 6 miles and came back for the last 4 miles (as if the wind knew when to demoralize me). This time, the run really was all about effort over pace—and the pace was still awesome for me. I’ll take it!

I’m always thankful to pursue running inside of my community. So, thanks for the coaching Patrick Reagan, longtime friend and owner of the Ultrawizard Ramblers. And, thanks Katie (my wife), for encouraging me to take on every challenge even when it’s a PNW classic—with cold, windy, rainy weather. She said I was “…an amphibian made for this stuff.” Haha!