FKT: Ben Brown - Snoqualmie Valley Trail (WA) - 2021-11-06

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3h 9m 27s
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Yay!! I set a 50k personal record on this course and it was my first race as a masters level athlete. It's a quick route and today was just a bit quicker with my good buddy Evan Williams at my side for most of the run pacing—and capturing pictures and footage while he paced me!! Classic Evan. The last 10k was spicy as the course leveled out—though, I'm pleased with how I took on the challenge.

The weather was about 45 degrees and rainy at the start. Throughout the morning I got my fair share of rain, mud, and puddles. A classic Pacific Northwest experience.

Thanks to my friend Chris Fabregas for epic finish line pics—and for coming out with 12 hours notice to cheer me on! I'm always thankful for my lovely wife and kids—couldn't do all this running without them.