FKT: Ben Brown - Tiger Mountain Trail (WA) - 2020-06-21

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
4h 39m 46s
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I ran the Tiger Mountain Trail FKT route N to S and then ran back on the same route S to N to make it a new out and back FKT route. I started at the Highpoint Trailhead parking lot, behind the rock near the path trailhead and ran the TMT trail to the southern end of the trail where I actually ran up to the concrete road at that southern trailhead just to be sure I properly checked-in. At the southern TMT trailhead, I planted two water bottles before the run and I switched out bottles at this point. My wife and kids were there videotaping the moment. I returning back from the southern TMT trailhead to the starting place at Highpoint Trailhead, again crossing the threshold of the rock. There is video footage of the finish into the parking lot.

I included video clips at the start, turnaround and finish. I did a selfie video at the start showing where I started from. My wife and kids took video of the turnaround point and finish.

This was really a great run for me. I actually, ended up with the second-fastest known time on the TMT going N to S! It was difficult to maintain this pace on the return trip. The descent back to the start line from S to N is more difficult with steeper descents and at this point in the run, I was feeling pretty fatigued.


I wasn't able to upload these video links for whatever reason, so I'll include them here.



Turnaround point