FKT: Ben Feinson - Long Trail (VT) - 2021-07-14

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Between July 10 and July 14 2021, our brave little crew from the Richmond, Vermont area set a new supported FKT for the Long Trail. My starting time was 5:00 AM on Saturday and finish time 4:44 PM on Wednesday. We shared the adventure of a lifetime. I have posted a personal trip report through my coach Joe Mcconaughy which is available to check out here:

Maia (Sendypants Productions) has put together an amazing documentary showing the heart of our crew and the story of the Long Trail FKT here:

With love and gratitude, Sir Benjamin MacGruff, Keeper of the Legend of Beartown


Regional Editor (Ryan Williams) Notes: there are some data gaps in Ben's effort attributed to a faulty GPS tracker and some pacers not tracking with GPS.  The FKT team worked closely with Ben and his crew to answer the questions we had (as well as from the community).  Below are some clarifications.

  • There were some questions regarding the area around Stratton Mountain.  The data from Ben's pacer Prem shows a straight line from Stratton Pond to Stratton-Arlington Rd.  The data does not show a summit over Stratton Mountain (because GPS blanks out through that stretch).
    • Ben and Prem ran into Hugh and Jeanne Joudry, the summit caretakers on Stratton Mountain around 4am.  Hugh confirmed in an email that they talked with Ben and Prem on the summit:
    • From: joudry <email omitted for privacy>
      Date: Fri, Jul 30, 2021, 2:07 PM
      Subject: Re: Met on Stratton in the dark!
      To: Benjamin Feinson <email omitted for privacy>

      Hi Ben,

      and Congratulations! Yes, I saw you then at four AM. We had headlamps to help us to see. What was time of performance?

      Let Jeanne and I know how we can help!

      All the best,

      Hugh and Jeanne Joudry, Summit Caretakers on Stratton Mountain.

  • The next data gap is from Stratton-Arlington Rd. (roughly 5:53 AM) to Glastonbury Mountain (roughly 9:58 AM).  We know the estimated time of arrival on Glastonbury Mountain from Ben's pacer Owen's start time of his Strava record (provided).  Ben ran from Stratton-Arlington Rd. to Glastonbury Mountain with his friend Lance Parker (who did not track the run).
    • - here's a video (it wouldn't load under videos) of Owen filming Lance and Ben meeting him on top of Glastonbury Mountain.  Owen is part way up the fire tower.
    • Lance submitted a statement confirming his run with Ben:
      • "Hey team.

        Lance Parker here.

        I can confirm that I ran from The Stratton Arlington road to route 9 over Glastonbury with Ben. 

        We summited Glastonbury at 9:58 and were at Goddard at 10:01 

        And got to route 9 around 1245."


Terrific effort!  Just curious if the full gps/gpx data will be available soon?  I may be missing it, but I'm only seeing ~160 miles in the Garmin tracks and ~100 in Ben's Strava, with a lot of that overlapping.  It would be great to see it all for such an iconic route.  Thanks!