FKT: Ben Graham - Theux ExtraTrail Black Route (Belgium) - 2021-06-05

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 10m 2s
GPS track(s)

Plan A: My friend Wouter and I run the Ohm Trail 55km: covid-cancelled.

Plan B: Run the 2019 Ohm Trail 51km route: Wouter twisted his ankle last week.

Plan C: Run an FKT on Extratrail Theux Black... and what a great track, and a super fun day. Agreeably damp, bright early-Summer foliage, perfect day for a trail run. Wouter charitably agreed to crew, set up 4 aid stations along the route with a carefully laid out selection of snacks and drinks. Our interactions at each were deeply non-verbal on my side, but I was really grateful - great to treated like a pro for a day! I ran like a crazy man through beautiful woods and fields, and some nasty nasty climbs. The last few nearly had me quitting. And a wrong turn just after halfway was a little grit in the machine. But it came through quicker than anyone I've managed to find anywhere yet, proud of that.

In case anyone can find someone generous enough to run aid stations for them, there are great spots at around 9km (emerging from the fields), 19km (a hairpin bend), 27.5km (by Lerho), and lastly at Franchimont Castle before the final, gnarly push uphill and mad dash down into town. Great day, great experience!