FKT: Ben Learn, Jaeger Schafer - Wapack Trail (NH) - 2023-05-06

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Total time
10h 6m 36s

First longer hike since I had a knee injury and DNF at Umstead 100 the previous month, felt good to spend a day moving outside!I saw that this trail local to me did not have an FKT posted and I can't pass on that low hanging fruit.

We started just after 8 AM on May 6th 2023 and conditions were pleasant, a touch warm but no significant mud and the trail wasn't overly crowded. We hiked in the south-bound direction and found the beginning to be more technical than we expect with exposed rock. We hiked in this direction after reading the northern end had more limited access to water but there were dry sections in the south as well. Jaeger moved well all day but I bonked hard about 15 miles in, I suspect this was primarily due to dehydration. We filtered water from streams at 10 and 16 miles. The temperatures ranged from 55 to 80 degrees and we wore sun-hoodies for the duration of our day. 

Definitely not the most impressive time so I'm looking forward to someone improving on our record in the near future.