FKT: Ben Mercer - Georgia Loop (GA) - 2018-03-15

Route variation
Standard Old DRT route
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Finish date
Total time
13h 15m 30s

Completed a solo GA loop (supported) Thursday, March 15th in 13h15m. As far as I know, this is the second fastest time next to Richard Schick's FKT. I had a great day with awesome weather. It was probably in the upper 20's when I started at 4:02 AM from Woody Gap and probably never got above the low 60's. I went CCW and finished at 5:17 PM. In retrospect, I probably could have gone a little faster had I started later in the morning running from 6 AM to sunrise, as opposed to 4 AM to sunrise. I started so early because I had no real expectations and was just looking to get it done and allow myself plenty of daylight incase things went awry. 

Richard's time is stout especially thinking about the condition of the trails post '93 blizzard.

Here is the strava:

-Ben M.


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Great job Ben! I see a FKT for this route in your future.