FKT: Ben Nephew - Devil's Path (NY) - 2010-08-15

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
5h 35m 32s

Ben Nephew ran the Devil's Path in a then-FKT of 5h35m32s on August 15, 2010. He said: "I ran about 3:02 to route 214, took a 2-3 minute break to fill my bottles, and then ran the second half in about 2:30. I managed to finish without killing the battery on my Garmin, so I have a full file of the run. The coverage was pretty good, but I did lose the connection at times. My totals were 22.4 miles, which appears to be short, and almost 12,000' of climbing, which is definitely off! It was plenty hilly, though!" Nephew had a report & GPS track on the Inov-8 blog, but it seems to have disappeared.