FKT: Ben Nephew - Grafton Notch Loop (ME) - 2017-09-20

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
8h 41m 5s

I ran the loop in 8:41:05, but am proposing to cut out the huge road section at the end, where my time to the southern trailhead on route 26 was 8:30:42. Several maps show the loop as crossing directly over 26, or with a short road section, not the 0.7 miles it is. This can cause a bit of confusion. The last mile on the snowmobile trails before the road is also not well marked at all, but you stay straight, bear right over the bridge, left after the bridge, then right to the road. It is an awesome loop with amazing views throughout.

No drop for me, way too much driving to include that!  That was a very long one day trip up and back.