FKT: Ben Nephew - Long Island Circumnavigation (ME) - 2019-08-13

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Standard route
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Total time
1h 56m 45s
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Trip report:

"You’ll Smash Your Teeth In"

"While relieved to have made it around the sea cliffs, I was in for a treat as I attempted to cross the marsh that followed.  It looked tame, but was covered with leg snapping, knee deep gopher holes covered by long seagrass. I have no idea what kind of gopher digs holes in coastal marshes, but those things have got to be exterminated from the planet. Trying to cross that marsh, doing the coastal Maine Lambada, was like crossing a minefield. I was sweating bullets from sheer terror that I would fall into one and end up with an explosive compound fracture. There were a few hard falls, but I made it out with all bones intact. I have never been so excited to get back onto sharp, angular rocks, which I hugged."