FKT: Ben Nephew - Tri State U (MA, CT, NY) - 2017-11-05

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5h 59s

I managed to lower the FKT to 5:00:59 this past weekend. I took the Bog Trail. I didn't see any signs and the caretaker was perfectly friendly as I ran by. I prefer running east to west, but the climbs up Alander and Cedar Brook to Sunset Rock are long and late in the run, and the descent from Alander is outright abusive. It is also hard to follow the last mile down through Catamount as it winds in and out of the ski slopes. I finished at the parking spot right off of route 23, as Neil did. Running downhill and south on the AT around Bushnell and Brace is wild; the trail is right on the exposed edge of a 1000' drop.