FKT: Ben Olmstead - Georgia Loop (GA) - 2015-01-01

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15h 7m 0s

Greetings - I went 15:07 unsupported, counterclockwise on the Georgia Loop on 1/1/15.  My start/finish was Woody Gap.  It was humbling and cold.  The evening sleet made for a tough finish.  I think I walked the last 15.  At one point, I sat down on a log for 5 minutes feeling sorry for myself.  I talked to Mr. Schick afterwards - I strongly concur, his time is very stout.  I was not all out on my run, but I also wasn't going to touch 12 or even 13 if I had gone all out.

First - if anyone wants my Garmin track for planning purposes, I am happy to share.  It has the exact elevations and every mile split.  I also used a set of Boy Scout troop maps that I found online for the route.  The notes are incredibly detailed and I am happy to share all of that detail if it is no longer online.  I think that in those notes the miles are off a little.  My Garmin came in at 57.24 miles and 15,797' of elevation gain.

Second - If anyone wants a compadre to go out there and try to improve on the times for either this or the Georgia AT, let me know.  I am always in.  Let me know.