FKT: Ben Thompson - Presidential Traverse (NH) - 2017-07-06

Route variation
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 29m 55s

New FKT at 4:29:55.

Madison -- 1:10 (via Daniel Webster)
Adams -- 1:34
Jefferson -- 2:05
Washington -- 2:52
Monroe -- 3:18
Eisenhower -- 3:45
Pierce -- 4:04
End -- 4:29:55

Admin note:  Malcolm Groves stayed on the Gulfside Trail, rather than running over Clay, as did Ben Thompson and previous FKT holders.  Since both Malcolm & Ben reported their results via Strava, it's relatively easy to compare their times.  Ben took about 17m34s on the Mt Clay section, while Malcolm ran the corresponding section of the Gulfside Trail in about 14m13s.  The difference (3m21s) is slightly larger than the 2m43s difference between their final times.  So, it seems that Thompson should still be credited with the FKT.  We hope that future runners will continue the tradition of including Mt Clay, which will avoid all ambiguity.