FKT: Benjamin Anderson - National Trail (AZ) - 2022-01-03

Route variation
One way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 54m 57s
GPS track(s)

I started on Estrella Drive and ran to the National Trailhead. Took a wrong turn but still passed by the San Juan lookout which added half mile to the route. From that lookout, I was on National Trail till it’s trailhead off the 48th street entrance. No one ran with me at any point. There was no resupply during the trip. All I had with me was my cell phone (iPhone X), my gps watch (Garmin Vivoactive HR), and a bottle of water. I didn’t do very well. Struggled after the climb between mile 4-7. Will attempt again this month. Round trip and National-Alta loop will be attempted this year as well.