FKT: Benjamin Gilles - Outer Aylesbury Ring (UK) - 2020-05-30

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
11h 27m 18s
GPS track(s)

I did it unsupported with 3,5l of fluids and very hydrated at the start line. Due to the increasing heat during the day and lack of shadow towards the backend of the trail, I ran out of fluids with around 15k to go. Inevitably I massively bonked with 10k to go. I was reduced to a relatively slow walking pace but had enough time in the bag to better the current FKT on this route anyway. I think sub 10 hours is possible on this route if the weather would have been more advantageous, the way markers would have been better (in some places it is truly horrendous and simply wrong), and paths would have been maintained better (not overgrown with nettles about a meter high).