FKT: Benjamin Goodfellow - Llangollen Round (United Kingdom) - 2023-11-18

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 52m 32s
GPS track(s)

This was my first time dipping my toe into some Ultrarunning. The main goal was to complete the loop but did also have the current record of 5:40 min/km in the back of my mind.

The weather forcast was a bit grim, 10-15 deg and rain showers. It ended up being pretty dry and a nice temperature. But the main battle was how boggy it was underfoot. Super slippy and energy-sapping. 

Some spectacular scenery on this route but you certainly have to work for it on this terrain. Particular standouts are the 4 Moel's after the Ponderosa road crossing. Very steep both climbing and descending, sure to make them quads burn.

Really happy with how this went. Think I paced it well and stayed fueled the whole time. Don't think I left much time on the cards that day. But suspect drier ground conditions could be beneficial.