FKT: Benjamin Overeem, Joey Zimmer - Military Ridge State Trail (WI) - 2020-07-24

Route variation
one way
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 45m 49s
GPS track(s)
A7O33225.FIT551.17 KB

Joseph Zimmer and I ran the entire length of the military ridge trail unsupported on Friday July 24, 2020. The upload is a little late due to an outage at the Garmin headquarters.

We began at 3:30am in Dodgeville to try and beat the heat. We each had about 3 liters of water. First water fillup was the public restrooms at the park at Bluemounds, though we had to use the bathroom faucet since the water was disconnected. Did the same thing 5 miles later at Mt. Horeb (about 24 miles in). Things went smoothly for another 6 or so miles, but the endless wetland/meadow around the Riley area started to catch up with us. The sun got very hot, and the trail got very exposed. Despite only having 1 walk break in Barneveld the entire rest of the run, the last 10 miles included a walk break every 2 miles or so, and each were between .25 and .5 miles long. We stopped to dunk our heads in a stream that we went over, which felt potentially lifesaving. It wasn't even 10am yet, but the heat and sun were intense.

I consumed 12 scoops of tailwind and 5 cliff blocks during this run. (2 orange and 3 margarita). I also consumed 5 liters of water during the run. I ran out about .25 miles before the end, so I think I timed that very well.

I am not sure exactly how much Joey consumed, but he had potato chips, an entire box of gummy sharks, and some lara bars.

We listened to "Filling up the City Skys (disc 2)" by Pretty Lights on a Bluetooth speaker from the time we left the Mt. Horeb rest stop at mile 24, all the way till it ended, around mile 31 or 32. It was a huuuuuge mental boost. That is a fiiiine album.

This attempt was unsupported, as we did not share supplies, and our only resupply came from 2 public bathroom sinks along the trail. The drinking fountains were ripped out.