FKT: Benjamin Stout - Hyndman Peak (ID) - 2020-07-14

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1h 24m 48s
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Set off from Hyndman Creek Trailhead at 6:26 pm. Wasn't sure if I would go for the ascent record - mainly just wanted to get up the peak to clear my head after a frustrating day. Cruised through the mellow early trail miles, trying to hold something in reserve for the rock hopping and power hiking that awaited me once I climbed out of the basin. Not much to say about that section, other than that it was hard and my legs were burning. I could definitely improve my hiking technique and work on my leg strength. Reached the summit 1:24:48 after I set off, sat down, and took in the always stunning view of the Pios. The peaks were beginning to cast their long, jagged shadows, their western aspects bathed in golden evening light. I briefly entertained the notion of descending quickly for a fast round trip time, but opted to stick with my original intent. Enjoying the beautiful evening, I moseyed my way back down into the basin, stopping to snap photos and drink water from one of the springs that gushes from the mountainside. After taking a few more photos of Cobb and Old Hyndman reflected in pools of water, I floated back down to the trailhead and drove away into the sunset. Running isn't a panacea, but I was glad to have turned an otherwise rough day on its head with a hard effort in a special place.