FKT: Benny Little - Montgomery Bell Trail (TN) - 2023-04-11

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
1h 45m 23s
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I have had my eye on this route for a couple of years. In 2019 I wanted to submit this loop, but never go around to it. I'm glad Cass Lynch recognized that the route had potential! In the past I have started this loop from the visitor center. This time I followed the gpx file recommendation and started at the warehouse. Running the loop counterclockwise is 100% the way to go. Better trail marker visibility, two good downhill segments, and no water crossings until mile 7/8. 

I carried a few Maurten gels and some electrolyte water in my vest. No need to collect more water. There are plenty of opportunities to filter or cache water. There are a couple of road crossings and about eight water crossings. 

I ran solo and only encountered a handful of people enjoying the woods. 

The trail was more difficult than I remember it being. Lots of exposed roots/rocks made it quite technical. I found it tricky to get into a rhythm. Although the uphill sections are short, they are consistent. Montgomery Bell has plenty of rolling hills. 

The temperature rose faster than I was expecting. Definitely manageable; however, I would have prefered cooler weather. The trails proximity to water ensures that there is no shortage of bugs. Be prepared to swat away lots of flying creatures. 

There were about 8 total water crossings. Most of them could be jumped without having to worry about wet feet. There are three back to back crossings around mile 8 that will get you wet! It's nice that they are at the end. My feet dried very quickly. 

Although I'm not totally impressed with my time, I'm happy to have a time posted. Hopefully we can get more of the local community out to compete. Let's see how long I can hold on to this one...