FKT: Benny Little - Pocahontas State Park - 2023-03-10

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2h 3m 44s
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My first attempt at an FKT! A 13 mile loop through the largest state park in Virginia. Weather was perfect. Overcast with a light mist. I set off a little after 12pm and used my watch for navigation. There was a brief moment of confusion around mile 7 where I mixed up the bike trail and the hiking trail. Right before mile 9 I stopped to use the bathroom across from the parking lot. Half a mile from the finish I made another wrong turn which kept me from finishing in under two hours. It's really difficult to see some of the lines on my Garmin. Especially while running! Google Maps saved the day and I was able to backtrack to the trail split I missed. There were very few people in the park today. I was solo the entire run. I carried water in my hydration pack and fueled with three Maurten gels.Thank you Fleet Feet Clarksville for fueling my run!