FKT: Bernadette Benson - Bibbulmun Track (WA, Australia) - 2011-11-16

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
15d 9h 48m 0s

Bernadette Benson (me) now hold the FKT: Supported for the Bibbulmun Track: 15 days 9 hr 48 mins.

For verification:

(1) I signed in at each of the 48 shelters and am placing an advertisement in the Bibbulmun e-news to have people take photos of my logs.

(2) I used a SPOT device for online tracking. Discovered partway through that it was working intermittently - my crew determined that the antenna had to be aimed at the sky, so having it positioned on the lower part of my pack wasn't working well at the start.

(3) I logged the entire event on my Garmin 310, with two short sections on my Garmin eTrex, when the 310's battery was flat. Somewhat hesitant to give out this small bit of 'intellectual property' so have offered a screenshot of my Garmin Connect, with the two manual entries done from the Garmin eTrex info. Since GPX files can be doctored, anyway, this can be only one source of verification.

(4) I was accompanied for several sections by various people who would therefore be able to verify my presence on the course.

(5) I expect some mobile phone records would be logged, since I carried my Samsung Telstra phone as emergency backup and texted with my crew on occasion. Phone was not always turned on, though.