FKT: Beth Carter - Banks-Vernonia State Trail (OR) - 2022-03-12

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one way
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2h 58m 0s
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It was an absolutely perfect day to run in Oregon! Weather was overcast with a little dappled sun and the views were amazing as ever. A deer dashed a few yards with me near Nehalem Creek then took off on her own adventure. Handed off a few items to a friend at Nehalem Highway and continued on toward Banks. Buxton bridge was bustling and lots of kids smiling on bikes which was great for the smiles and mental space. Trail was maintained as perfectly as ever all the way from Vernonia to Banks with enough people to feel safe, but few enough for a lovely quiet day. Carried my own fuel and water, had a friend take unneeded layers along the way - hence supported style.  Looking forward to hearing the next female to enjoy the route even faster!