FKT: Beth Pascall - Bob Graham Round (UK) - 2020-07-24

Route variation
Bob Graham Round
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
14h 34m 26s


A 14:34 Bob Graham round. I am lost for words. I feel so fortunate that everything came together just in time for a perfect day. The support from my pacers and the fell running community was what made it happen. All I had to do was run my heart out ?

There will be a longer post to follow, but for now I just want to thank everyone that made it happen. Firstly to my family - my husband @matb4, my parents, sister @thefitnessbubble and brother-in-law. To my pacers and Broad Stand support - @joefarnell1986, Rhys Findlay-Robinson, @joshydoc, Neil Talbot, @christoff_richards@jacobadkin, Shane Ohly, @garyhouse_, Rich McGrath, @kimcollison & George Foster. Thank you @sambenard for generously giving up your time to create some media content for the day.
I also want to thank those who volunteered to support me but weren’t able to due to my last minute change of plan - @rickylightfoot, Charlie Sproson, Andy Berry, Hannah Russell, Ben Abdelnoor, @brand.naomi@katie.kaars.sijpesteijn, Kirsty Hewitson, Flora, @paulmissinglink - thank you for being willing.

Lastly, I couldn’t have done it without @vo2maxcoaching, whose role as my coach has extended far beyond telling me what training to do - he has acted more like my friend, general PA, weather forecast checker & mentor. Above all, he gave me the confidence to embark on something that I did not believe was possible.