FKT: Bethany Garretson - Lake Placid 9er Challenge (NY) - 2021-11-07

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 5m 51s

Date: 11/7

Weather: Cold start, below freezing, sunny day, warmed up to 50 in the sunshine

Trail conditions: Not bad for this time of year. Hurricane and Pitchoff were icy, Catamount and Bear's Den were leafy. Trails were pretty ADK dry.

Supported by: MacKenzie Haskins and Heidi Read

Order of Mountains: Baxter, Hurricane (Up and over), Big Crow, Pitchoff, Van Hoevenburg (Up and over), Mount Jo, Cobble, Bear's Den and Catamount 

*Was wearing a Sunto watch, would pause between mountains, for some reason the data didn't upload. So the Strava link has car time factored in.