FKT: Bill Harasyko - Blue Ridge Horse Trail (MO) - 2020-05-23

Gender category
Route variation
one way
Finish date
Total time
2h 52m 5s
GPS track(s)

1.3 miles of nice trail
1.4 miles of water crossings (currently up to knee deep) - 2.7 cumulative
3.3 miles of rocky ridge running and old, overgrown road - ~6 cumulative
1.7 miles of flat and fast gravel forest road - ~7.7 cumulative
1ish miles of what used to be a forest road, completely blocked with down trees for most of it, and little resemblance of a trail; a lot of bushwhacking ~8.something cumulative
fuck this part. Since any description of the route was published, the next segment was totally flooded to the point of requiring swimming. wasted an hour trying to find the path. eventually bushwhacked south along the river just hoping to find a forest road to start the trip back to my car. stumbled upon the trail along the way. Added ~2 miles and 1 hour extra. ~10 cumulative
2 miles of light jogging on a very old forest road/ thigh high grass until trailhead - cumulative 12.1 miles

This time could easily be cut in half. This was my first time seeing the trail, and I spent 1/3 of my time lost. Also made the mistake of wearing shoes that absorbed water well for something that crossed a lot of streams. I also had a backpack with a lot of stuff, as I then had to do the same distance back to my car. There is the second trailhead to drop a car.