FKT: Bill VonderMehden - Denali Park Highway (AK) - 2011-07-23

Route variation
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Total time
1d 1h 20m 0s

AJ Schirack posted:

I realize there are not many of my fellow Alaskans frequent this site currently, though I hope to see that change as the popularity increases for these types of challenges. Regardless, the first of two challenges that I plan to take on in the near future will be breaking the current time record for the Denali Park Highway. The current time is set at 25 hours 20 minutes and belongs to Bill VonderMehden. To my knowledge this remains as the only registered time on the highway. Support will come in the form of a friend biking along side me carrying water and a small amount of food for the trip. I will start out in Kantishna and head towards the park entrance where the road meets the Parks Highway. I think that covers just about everything, for more information regarding the current record here is an article written in the Anchorage Daily News,

Note that the article link is now broken.