FKT: Blaine Doyle - Cascade & Porter Mtns (NY) - 2023-09-21

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57m 25s
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Kept the ascent controlled and feeling good. Got to the summit of Cascade ahead of Ryan's split and then the race started. Flew out to Porter and back (but still lost a few seconds) and then descended like I've never descended before. Had a full maurten before and half a maurten after porter and barely kept it down. 

DISCLAIMER: I went off route slightly on the summit. I’m not sure exactly why. It was a heat of the moment choice. I stand by it but don’t feel great about it. I went up a steeper section that made it slightly shorter but I think balances out because of the steeper grade. It’s a bald summit so I think doing the rock walk is more important. Super happy to discuss more if anyone has an issue with it. Also certainly don’t think it took off 3 minutes. Plus I checked with Ryan and he said he didn't think it changed anything.