FKT: Bob Alexander - Wildcat Hollow Trail (OH) - 2020-11-14

Route variation
long loop (15 miles)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 6m 13s
GPS track(s)

I live about 20 min from this route and it is one of my staples for training. My normal runs are very close to my last FKT. On this run, it started out at a very welcome 25 degrees just before 9:00 am. This run was to gear up for my upcoming Bigfoot 50K as Salt Fork State Park in December. Those that know me, know I rarely look at my watch while running. Looking at my watch causes me to start thinking over too many scenarios in my head and my runs suffer tremendously. I have learned to listen to my body very well and just run as a result. On this run, at about 8 miles in (a road crossing indicated my distance), I thought I was a bit behind in my training as I felt a more tired. Not normal at that portion of the trail. Then with a few miles from the end, my legs were feeling really tired. I actually thought to myself at that moment that I was not in good enough shape to run my 50K race. Then, as I left woods and crossed the short foot bridge making my way to the trail head sign, I stopped the watch and found the culprit to my tired legs. I had shaved over 23 minutes off of my last FKT on this loop.